Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My mom had this chest freezer stored out in our garage for the past 4 years. I remember looking inside of it about 4 years ago to see frozen fish and chicken. It quickly became a spot to store other garage items on top of - and as our garage filled up with more and more junk, I forgot about the freezer. That is until my mom offered it to my brother who would actually use it. He came over on a cold day in January and we went out to the garage - opened up the lid only to discover the most rancid and stinky freezer ever. Somewhere in the midst of moving things in the garage, grabbing garden tools, mowing the lawn, etc etc, the freeze was unplugged. For all we know it's been unplugged for the past 4 years. My brother related the smell to that of a dead corpse that he occassionally has to deal with at his job as a deputy. YUCK.

Three weeks went by and apparently my mom felt aweful about the whole situation. She kept telling me that I needed to deal with it - but how? Should I wheel it down the street and put a free sign on it? Along comes a poor bystander who opens it and discovers dead carcasses in it? Or do I dump it down the street in the middle of the night and then call the city to say someone abandoned a freezer in our yard and someone needs to dispose of it?

Well the answer came in an unexpected way - a newspaper article about a couple who cleans up life's little nasty messes for a living. Apparently there's a strong demand for people who will clean up suicides, murders, etc etc - and this was certainly the perfect job for them. Honestly - it probably smelled worse than a dead body. Still I waited in calling them - mainly because the smell was still burnt in my nostriles. Then the mail came and in it was the number for Urget Care - another couple who was more than willing to deal with our smelly mess. $500 seemed cheap to deal with our little problem.

They even came over later that afternoon and adorned white suites with full resporators - they looked like martians. They dragged the dead solider out of the garage, opened the lid and started cleaning the fish and chicken out. Then they wheeled the freezer down the driveway and dumped the liquid into the closest drain. I took some photos for documentation - they looked hilarious! But gone is the smelly freezer. Now where am I going to stash a dead body? Just kidding.

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