Sunday, February 12, 2006


Last night we watched the Olympics on both the Canadian station and US version. It's funny how different the coverage and approach to the Olympics differs between the two and one more reason to thank that wonderful inventor of the remote control. But one thing I noticed on the Canadian station was the human element and appeal of each of the athlete. They didn't just cover the more well known and already hyped athletes - they highlighted all of the superstars out there and giving it their best. It triggered a memory and my first recollection of wanting to be an Olympian. Back in '84 the Olympic torch made its way through Eugene - right on west 7th and my dad was honored in carrying the torch as it made its way down to LA. I watched, mezmorized as a little 6 year old. Then later I recall watching the events on TV and always thought I could do that. Not one single sport appealed to me - but all of them. Seeing athletes in their peak form and giving it everything they have.

It's funny how looking back over time at my athletic choices how sure I tried every sport under the sun - but honestly, I can remember judging a sport as to whether or not it was an Olympic one. Boxing shortly went out the window once I realized how much opposition there was against female fighting. But what an amazing feeling to be part of the first women's world championship.

And now with cycling - I've told myself if I really want to get there I have to dedicate myself completely to this sport. I can't waver - I can only keep my eye on the big target... because only hard work and dedication will get me there. It's going to be a difficult road but my support network is huge and I can't wait to celebrate with all of them at each success.

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