Tuesday, February 14, 2006

So I got a call this morning from a friend of mine who is having some trouble understanding what's expected of her from her team. Actually she's not having trouble understanding what's expected because that has been made perfectly clear to her - but she's having trouble understanding the logic behind the concept and the reality of the situation. Let me give you an example.

This past weekend they went on a team ride. This is a Cat 4 team - with only 5 experienced (a year or more as a Cat 4) riders on the team - the remaining 10 new to the scene. They went to preride a race course to know what to expect and work on break aways. Enter in hill - the stronger riders reach the summit, the middle riders follow shortly behind and the less than fit riders get dropped. The less then fit riders proceed to get mad at the strong riders for being strong and the leaders start bitching to the strong riders that they are too strong. And because this team talks about everything they have a team meeting about it to bash the people who are stronger riders, forcing them to apologize for being stronger. Mind you this is a team ride - so everyone understands the team concept. However, how will this translate into a race? Do the strong riders have to forgoe their opportunity to stay with the pack and learn to stick with the lowest denominator? Ohhh man, I am so glad I'm not facing that anymore.

I think the issue lies in the lack of experience of management in regard to racing. Not saying that they can't learn - however, they are not being open to other discussion or ideas about how to run a competitive racing team and as a result are going to drive the strongest riders away. I'd be very surprized if everyone stayed with the team next year.

Anyways - I told my friend that there are other options available to her. But from my experience they should be approached with caution. She asked me if there was availability on Gregg's team - and it popped an idea into my head... but no, no - I have to focus on my long term goal.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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