Monday, January 30, 2006

Whistler Weekend

Had a blast this weekend. Leif invited Ryan and I up to his parents condo in Whistler for a weekend of skiing and fun. We jumped at the chance to hit up Blackcomb mountain and skied our brains out. It was a much welcomed break from the 20+ hours a week of riding that has consumed my every thought over the past couple of weeks. Saturday was filled with exploration - we managed to do Spanky's Ladder which was an awesome experience. Basically you take 3 lifts up into the Alpine and then hike up a ridgeline that dumps you over onto the back side with chutes and scarey decents. The snow was soooo good and deep and the visibility wasn't that good so I have no idea what we really skied. All I know is that it was deep and steep - perfect conditions for a true double black diamond. We finished the day off with Outer Limits - which stretched my upper limits of skiing ability. I try to ski the trees - but unless I'm super aggressive and on it then it becomes a side slip fest and I didn't enjoy that part as much.

Day two - Whistler mountain. Leif and Kelly decided to take it easy so we met up with Jonah at 9 and headed into the alpine bowls. Despite only having a trace of snow the night before, the upper bowls were amazing. We had lots of face shots and even fresh tracks! The icy entrance to the back bowls deters a lot of intermediate skiers so the crowds were kept at a minimum. I have never been so exhausted from skiing before - where one turn after another results in a face plant. Midway through the day Ryan and I ended up colliding and eatting shit on hard packed groomer run - I'm not sure what happened. All I know is that my hip flexer is inflamed and pissed at me. Miller's going to kill me. Good thing he doesn't read my blog anymore!!!

All in all it was a great weekend and a good way to complete my base training miles. Now I just have to spend some time learning my new Powertap gadget. Cheers!

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