Saturday, January 21, 2006


so I'm going to list the positives first -

1. Learned a new route
2. Got to use my power tap for the first time.
3. Set a easy time to beat in the future (I hope!)
4. Got to experience Ian kicking ass up the mountain
5. Had a nice long ride home solo

Today was the notorious Cougar Mtn hill climb test. Miller decided to take a bunch of people up to time them and see how our fitness and climbing is coming along. I did it in 19.18.... and I want to widdle it down to right about 16 minutes flat. That's a lot of time to make up - but considering that's the first time I experienced the steep side of Cougar - I can only improve. The weather was also a challenge - 39 degrees and pouring. Made for a chilly ride home - that's for sure!

You know, as much as I love riding with the guys - I just wish there was another woman along to compare my progression with. That's a huge downfall of not being part of a women's team this year and I'm definitely going to take it into consideration for next year. I expect the men to beat me - especially in the hills but just having some estrogen there will definitely help.

Reality of what I'm trying to do is starting to really sink in - this work is really hard. I feel discouraged a lot and am starting to lose focus. I finally broke down today and cried - sometimes you need to do that to get better. I remember back when I was boxing and I had this 14 year old popped me in the nose really good. I went into the women's locker room later that night and bauled my eyes out. But I picked myself up, dusted myself off and didn't let that little shit head get the best of me again. So I'm thinking cycling is really starting to challenge me - mentally and physically and maybe I need a good pop in the nose to move forward from here.

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