Thursday, January 12, 2006

25 days and counting

We are quickly approaching the record for most consecutive measureable days of rain in a row - which was last made in 1953 with a total of 33 days. It is dreary outside - and this weather is getting old - let me tell you! I am so thankful for the inventor of boot dryers - thank you who ever you are. You have made my life that much better!

Yesterday was a triple day workout - starting off with an hour on the rollers first thing in the morning. Then followed by 2 hours with a 30 minute high spin and last but certainly not least - night skiing up at Alpental. Honestly the skiing is what is keeping me sane day after day. It's just nice to be in a different climate for a change. I had a couple of moments of sheer joy while ripping it up down the mountain. How fun.

Miller and Mol-lay are coming over for dinner tonight. They canceled and then rescheduled... I'm just stoked to hang with some friends!

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