Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Typical Tuesday

Except - the sun came out and stayed out all day today! I had a warm ride! And apparently it was warm enough to break out the weekend warriors on their road bikes and spandex - and I saw.... dunt dunt DUNNNNNNNT - naked knees! There were these two buddies cruising along near the U and I was slowly gaining on them. You know the STP type with aero bars and feeling emancipated from their wives for a jaunt on the trail. I finally got close enough to pass them where the trail splits near Metropolitan market and Ronald McDonald housing. The one in the back said, "this dude wants to pass" - I didn't say anything until I passed the guy in front and said in the most feminine voice I could muster "nice day to be out on a ride." I think they were flabbergasted. Funny - I didn't see them after that.

hahaha - but who's the joke really on? I don't know whether to be offended or proud that I was mistaken for a man! Hahahaha - I think it's funny. :) Maybe I should work on my passing voice (husky and testostorone filled...) ON YOUR LEFT. I am starting to grow chest hairs you know. hahahaa

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