Saturday, January 14, 2006

As I sit here devouring left over angel food cake, garlic bread, OJ and just general calorie consumption - I'm trying to think of way to best described today's ride. I woke up at 7:30 (much earlier then during the week!) and rode down to U Village Zoka to ride with the BRI guys. My buddy Leif invited me to go with and said they cruise at a mellow pace. We headed down the Burke by 9 am and were just Zone 1 down the trail - hit up some Hollywood Hill action. Then it all became a mystery to me where we were and what we were doing. We got to the top of the hill and then zoomed down a really steep section - passed a sign that said road closed - high water..... and watched as one guy gained some speed, unclipped himself from his pedals and soared through the lake covering the road. Next thing I know, we're all doing it and giggling like little kids. I flatted just then - but was quickly saved by Leif and someother guy. They fixed it in two shakes flat. This is the point I should have pulled out the powerbar and munched down - but instead I rode on and on without intaking any calories. I'd pay for it big time later. Luckily there was another woman on the ride - Martha from Byrne. She placed second in TST last year - strong climber! We chatted for the next couple hours as the pace got quicker and quicker so the guys could make the Hawks game at 1:30. She and I ended up getting dropped from the group once Russell decided to start time trialing it back to Sea-Town. Along the way though some Neon throw a bottle out there window and hit Martha! We were shocked. We were way out in some hickville area - no way to catch the bastard. The wierd thing was I noticed him earlier on the ride when he passed us so it certainly was deliberate. How lame is that?

I'm soooo tired now I feel like I'm babbling. I just feel like crawling back into bed and taking a nap. Ryan's up at Latona Pub drinking a beer and watching the Hawks. I'm a little too tired to move. 15 hours on the bike this week so far - I'm friggin' pooped.

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