Monday, January 16, 2006

Sunday night crab feed

Yesterday after a morning ride, Ryan, Makiah and I headed down to Tacoma to visit our friend Chris. He lives in this little fishing hippy community on the tip of Point Defience and bought a "shack" which his is building up. His first major project - tear down and rebuild the garage. He's also put in a new deck around his kingdom and is working on completing his boat house so he can live there while he tears up the main house. We drove up to find Chris and our other buddy Brian working on putting up some siding in the garage - so we lent a hand. Payment for our labor came in the way of all you can eat crab at Anthony's in Gig Harbor. It was soooo good. I think I ate about 4 gigantic dungeness crabs - they were excellent. Ryan and I came home and crashed at 10 - sleeping until 8:15 this morning. 10 hours of sleep - that's what I'm talking about!

Since this is supposed to be a training blog - I suppose I better fill you in. The previous ride I talked about kicked my butt pretty hard. Keeping up with the 1/2's when they are trying to make kick off can really deplete the resources. I should have eatten more - drank more water, replenished the vitals so I could maintain that strenuous pace. Maybe next weekend! So today's mellow aerobic ride was a welcomed break - not only to the legs but mentally. I rode with randy - another one of Miller's athletes and we talked the entire time. It was a good match - he's recovering from a serious cold and I was a little pooped from a long ride week. And guess what?!! It didn't rain!!!

All in all it's been an excellent training week. Skiing put me over the edge - and I'm leary of injury. Luckily I got some serious zzzz's in last night - and I'm going to start going back to massage. My muscles just need a little more help and rub down. Especially with race season rapidly approaching. Later, J

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