Tuesday, January 03, 2006

the last couple days....

So on New Year's Eve I ended up coming home and getting ready for my brother's 80's party down at my mom's house. I wore my standby blue wig and 80's clothes.... Ryan wore some old school ski outfit with size 13 red ski boots. It was hilarious. Everyone dressed up and played the part. I drank one beer and then my body told me no more - while everyone else, including Ryan, started to consume vodka and fru fru drinks. The cast of characters showed up - Punky Brewster, Mr. Mullet man, Magnum PI, Cindy Lauper, Richard Simmons etc etc. It was great.

New Years day was pretty uneventful. I was the only one not hung over - but the legs were pretty tired from the previous day's effort. We finally got motivated about 5 or so and went to IMAX to watch "Wired to Win" a film about the Tour with Jill. It was sweet. Super motivating.

Yesterday I went for a 3 hour ride and my freakin' HRM started acting up. I need to replace the batteries in the speed sensor. It just decided to stop working all together. So I only know approximately how far and long I went. Time to change that up!

Today is another long day in the saddle but it's my rest week meaning not as many hard efforts.

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