Monday, May 09, 2011

My Gammy

I called my 95 year old grandmother yesterday to wish her a happy mother's day. It was a priceless conversation.

The phone rang about 12 times before she picked up. I imagined her - somewhere in the living room, hearing the phone ring and then the doing what probably felt to her like a 200m dash with her walker to answer it.

She lives in Honolulu up in Nuuanu - and has since she her twenties. I admire her in so many ways - she's adventurous, fun, stubborn and I love her to pieces. I wish I lived closer so I could check up on her - as she's still living on her own. At 95!

After she told me about her various maladies, she asked, as she always does - about the men in my life. And how many babies I have. And where I live. And how even though her body is failing her now she still feels like she did when she was 25. She put a huge smile on my face.

Though her memory is fading, her spirit is strong and reminds me of where I get my joie de vivre.

Man, I am going to live a long, long life. And I can only hope it is as rich as hers.

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