Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Hello, hello.

My dog and I have been on a steady diet of Greek yogurt this past week. I eat an individual sized serving and she retrieves my empty container out of the recycling, drags it to her dog bed and licks away. It's gotten to the point of just putting the container down on the floor once I've polished all that I'm willing to scoop out with a spoon - saving her the trouble of waiting until I'm out of the room before rummaging through the recyclables.

We definitely have a morning routine established. She whines as soon as she hears me stir, and I dutifully get up and put food in her bowl. As she chows down, I get my spandex on to do my morning spin and by the time I've strapped on my heart rate monitor strap, she's ready to go outside. I let her out, fill up my water bottle, fire up the tele and get my rollers set up. She scratches at the back door, I let her in and she puts herself back to bed thanks to her food coma.

This morning I caught her in her favorite spot - in the hamper on top of my dirty clothes. I couldn't resist catching her in her natural habitat. Next thing I know I'll be picking out yogurt containers out of my dirty laundry.


Brian Peterson said...

Dogs, and their routines they get us in to, are one of the true joys of life.

Michelle Stiles said...

Oh she is so sweet!

The Bearded Wonder said...

No morning spin for me. I'm typically at the park with tennis ball in hand by 6:30. Wouldn't change it though.