Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mastering life.

A friend of mine quit her corporate day job and decided to pursue a career in life coaching. She's a natural at it. Long before she ventured into this arena, I've always valued her insights, suggestions and mentoring. She's one of those friends who you just click with, like being reunited with an "old soul." We've shared some memories - she taught me how to telemark ski over ten years ago and has seen me fight in the ring. Our friendship has gone through a couple of life cycles - and I feel very fortunate to have her as a friend.

So when she announced to the world that she was pursuing a passion of hers - I started having dreams. I envisioned working with her. I dreamed of meeting up at the brewpub in Twisp. My unconsciousness was revealing something - and I chose to heed its whisperings.

Our first introductory session went great. She's not giving me the path to travel down but equipping me with tools to figure out where I want to go, to do what I want to do. After just one short session and another one planned next week, I feel empowered. And I'm realizing that I have some very unique gifts and talents. They've always been there - but it's rewarding to do some reflection and see that your values align with how you live your life.

I am the master of my destiny.

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