Thursday, May 05, 2011

I belong.

My workout started long before I got to the track.

Up and down the stairs to the basement I scrambled - retrieving miscellaneous parts for my track bike. The poor thing has been hanging in my office and collecting dust since December - disassembled from the last trip we took together to Colombia. It took me a better part of an hour to get her up and running and primed for tonight's spin. Handle bars, stem system, seat post, seat, wheels, cogs, track shoes (which I had completely forgot about!) and Smarties. Lots and lots of smarties.

I got a little giddy on the drive over. The nice weather and seeing the mountains put me in a place I haven't been since last September when the regular local season came to a close. I arrived a half hour early, took Makiah for a walk around the park and sat for a few minutes in corner two - soaking it all in. The steady drone of commuters heading home on 520, the high pitched whine of the model airplanes flown across the park, the climber commands being communicated at the outdoor wall and Mt. Rainer poking her head through the spring haze.

And now it begins.

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Anonymous said...

Last night was AWESOME! ;)