Thursday, March 19, 2009

What marks the progression of time?

Is it the realization that your routines have been forever altered?
The obvious wear and tear of the clothing you wear?
The deepening crows feet that highlight your eyes?
Or the gray hairs that pop up on your scalp that seem to multiply overnight?

Hopefully you've made the most of the time that just whizzed by. You took the trips you dreamed about, you strove to do what you wanted. You surrounded yourself with people you love and in turn love you. You stopped being unhappy and putting up with something just because you had it in your head that you were okay. Don't settle for mediocrity.

Run. Live. Breath. Enjoy the simple pleasures. Schedule that get away - you deserve it.

A friend and I went for a ride up to Edmonds today. He was laid off from his job a couple of months ago and made the most out of his time. He immediately headed south to sunnier states to ride his bike and live simply. He's having the time of his life. It reminded me of the time Ryan and I both stopped working for a while and traveled to Europe in our early 20's. The time spent there, living in the moment, soaking in the culture and doing what we wanted to do has produced some of the fondest memories I hold. Spontaneous trips like that always stick out - so what are you waiting for? Do it.


jaimie said...

I agree. Let's leave everything behind and go to Hawaii.....wait we ARE going!! That will be a nice getaway and I am most sure that we will make some GREAT memories. Can't wait!!!!!

HELL(cat) ON WHEELS said...

Don't feel obligated to post this comment, unless you want... truly up to you...

I just wanted to let you know I stumbled across your blog, some months back and quickly became an avid viewer.... your blog and the way you spoke of your husband made me realize for the first time (way back then) that I truly DID love my (at the time boyfriend)and now soon to be husband (this coming October). It touched me truly, having been a former climber, now cycling and running, it just hit close to home.

Your blog has been a reality check for sure, about what is important in life, the time we have here, the irreplacable people that we have in our lives, etc. Thanks for the constant reminders of what's important!

mary mcmeen said...

i also just stumbled on this blog and if i didnt admire you and look up to you before i absolutely do now. you are a inspiration and a amazing person. getting through winter can be difficult and i am working on a more positive outlook on life, work and racing and honestly i found a lot of help from this. thank you.

Andie said...

I'm another one who has been checking in with your blog on a regular basis. Having two sons who work for Outward Bound out of Mazama, I felt especially saddened as did the entire OB community. You have a wonderful way of inspiring even us old people with your positive outlook and determination to get all you can out of life. I thank you for sharing your ups and downs and then back ups with all of us. It's exactly what we need to hear. I know you hear this all the time but you know you really are quite an inspiration.