Monday, March 23, 2009

A 5 Year Olds Observation

My mom went down to Brownsville, Oregon a couple of weekends ago and baked cookies with Coleman, my nephew. They made sugar piped cookies that only call for egg yolks. The cookies turned out great.

They kept the separated egg whites for breakfast the following morning and to give them some color, my mom added an additional egg and then scrambled them up for Coleman. Upon serving them, Coleman turned his nose up at them and uttered, "they look like the skin under my peter."

My mom, unsure of how to react, tried explaining what Coleman had said to her with Jaimie, without actually saying it (to encourage such language). The scope of it wasn't understood until Coleman uttered the same expression the following morning when served eggs for breakfast.

George is so proud of his son. You should have heard him giggle when he told me about it.


xtine said...


I love little kids' insights...and their fearlessness in voicing them. (:

jaimie said...

That's my boy!!!