Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A hero

Spoke with Chris last night on his way back from a rescue from Point Defiance. His neighbor Johnny called him to say, "go outside!" and that's when he discovered two guys screaming at the top of their lungs, gasping for air as their canoe capsized and they were caught without PFD's. A quick jump into his "power boat" and he plucked the morons from the water. Of course his proudest moment was admitting he donned his stairs and bars hat, purple puffy coat and house slippers. No mouth to mouth was administered. ;)

TACOMA -- A Tacoma Fire Department official says two canoeists have been rescued after their canoe took on water, flipped over and spilled them into frigid water off of Point Defiance.

The male teens were plucked from the water by a private power boat Monday evening and transferred to a Tacoma Fire Department boat.

Assistant Chief Faith Mueller says the two were barefoot and their jeans were drenched, but they were able to walk to an ambulance, where they were treated by medics. She says they were fine other than being wet and cold. She says they weren't wearing flotation devices.

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