Monday, March 16, 2009

I woke up several times Saturday morning to the steady drizzle of rain. My eyes finally peeled open for good at 9:30 and I rolled out of bed. Put the coffee on, start making some breakfast, and enjoy the warmth. My hopes of it clearing up outside were quickly lost when I crossed the Tacoma Narrows bridge.

Early season racing is in full effect. Sub 40 degree temps, steady rain, long hard miles.

I raced with my 5mm diving gloves today. Usually they're too warm and stinky - but I was super glad to have them. The first lap it was raining lightly - nearly everyone had stayed in the pack. And then as we rounded corner one, the skies opened up and a river of rain ensued. People dropped like flies. The pace was a lot slower this time around - with all of us ladies sitting in for the most part. I remember thinking to myself, that I could pull on the next lap - as we passed the parking lot - went and found Kelly and she talked me out of it. Boy am I glad.

Around and around we went. Single file for the most part for lap 3 - barely being able to see in front. Then my hands went numb. I tried digging out some Hammer Gel and couldn't get my hands to function properly. I drank maybe 1/3 of one bottle - soaking in the rest of the moisture with my skin and drinking a steady drip of road spray. That has to have some sort of nutritional value, right?

Last lap - Kelly, Tricia and Jenni make a move up the road. My efforts to reel myself into the break were pathetic - as this point I'm shivering. Carrie and I are the lone ladies left with the guys. The guys attack one another, chase, come back together and slow way down. This repeats about 10 times. Until finally, I can't take it any more and just start riding a steady pace. I peel away from them - and come into the finish solo. Carrie was so focused on following a wheel at that point - she misses me going up the road. I swim past the finish line for 4th. 60 miles done, in miserable shitty conditions.

I start shivering in the car so bad, I'm having a hard time controlling my car. But a big smile of satisfaction stretches across my face - and I can feel Ryan patting me on the back.

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