Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thought I would put up something other than the previous squirrel photo - thanks again to Ben for that one! Apparently a friend of a friend of a friend took that photo and swears to its authenticity. Ha!

Yesterday went on a 3 hour road ride in some nice spring weather. It was actually kind of warm out (53) and I was stoked I didn't get rained on. I traveled on some old routes I haven't done in a quite a while and it was nice to revisit them. Ryan accompanied me for most of the ride too - thoughts of him pushing me through the harder sections. I still can't figure out what's better - listening to his mp3 player or letting my brain travel in its regular patterns. Either way it seems at least once throughout my long solo rides I feel like crying. I've come to accept it actually. So if you see some HB rider bawling her eyes out on her bike - you'll know its me.

Yesterday I felt spring. The long winter is behind us. Sure we might have a few sputters here and there - but the dark months are over. Onward to the spring equinox!

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