Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ah, golden birthdays. 31 on the 31st. First Makiah woke me up by singing happy birthday to me (that or she was doing her typical whining thing for food). Then I got a sweet call from Tom - and he showed me a link to him playing live music at the Quarterback Pub in Bellingham and I got to listen to my favorite songs while sipping a cup of java. Then I got a call from Camile - wishing me happy birthday and I swear I've been on the phone with various people since. Thank you for all the birthday wishes - it's so nice to be thought of on your birthday!

Headed to the spa (free on your birthday!) and then to dinner tonight with the family. Good times, good times. Another 365 days on this planet. Here's to being only 1/3 of the way!


Michelle Stiles said...

Happy Birfday!

cjmancebo said...

...or 1/4 of the way :-)

Jessi said...

Where do you get a free spa treatment on your birthday?!?