Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thanks Jenny Craig!

Check out these photos of Makiah taken at the beginning of September, 2008.

Seriously, what were we feeding her? Poor thing! That's not all fur, you know.

Then this photo was taken in late September - before the serious doggy diet. She was a little stressed for sure - but not quite on her way to her current, slender self.

And this picture was taken this past Sunday. No, I haven't been starving her. But I did switch up her eating habits. She now gets feed twice a day and only 1/4 cup each time. We're getting into running shape together and now her grins go from ear to ear!


Michelle Stiles said...

Oh my, I love the last picture! Natasha often gets the same look, maddy and smiling from ear to ear... just like me when we are done!

Marcy said...

Woo hoo Makiah!! I'm getting back in happy shape too :D