Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I've been having trouble sleeping in lately. Maybe it's the early morning daylight, maybe I'm anxious about something. But each morning at the crack of dawn, I wake up and can't shut the brain off. The past couple of mornings I figured it was my metabolism waking me up and screaming to feed it - but I'm starting to wonder if that's the case. I keep thinking of a million things to do around my piled house... but maybe it's from going so hard for 5 weeks in a row that my mind and body is having a hard time settling down and thoroughly enjoying a break. When you GO GO GO sometimes it's hard to just stop.

Of course being a rest week - I thought of a million things I could do around the house. Power wash the deck, get the downstairs prepped, reduce the ever growing gear pile of bike and rock climbing gear in our living room, clear off the bed in the spare bedroom and put some of the bikes in the basement, weeding, planting, etc. etc. But I must remember the definition of rest - and to tackle the piles one at a time.

Ryan and I are definitely spending this Fourth of July together - the first time in two years. For the past couple of years my mom and I have made an annual trip East to Colorado to check on her condo in Beaver Creek and then to a race at the Springs. Unfortunately the race is usually interrupted by thunderstorms and both times was nearly rained out. We spent last 4th of July partly huddled in a rental car wondering if the golf ball sized hail was going to cost us when we returned a dented SUV. Since the racing was delayed thanks to the rain and fireworks (they had to shut off the lights during the show), we decided to high tail it and get out before the masses. I will miss the excellent buffet that next morning though at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort. And of course the outlet malls. :)

I wonder if part of my problem is that I just needed to unwind - to take a moment, collect my thoughts and relax. Deep breathe and sigh - I'm starting to feel much better - and getting a little sleepy...

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Heather said...

Ha ha ha. Your blog inspired me to update mine.