Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gastown Bound!

Last week I discovered it takes USA Cycling up to one week to grant an International License. Applying online isn't sufficient enough - you also have to send it a copy of your passport and sign a license agreement document and then snail mail it into their office in Colorado Springs. I found this out Thursday. Luckily I made it to the Post Office in time to send it via Priority so their offices would receive it before the end of the workweek. ($16 bucks plus $90 for the license)

I anxiously waited for the confirmation - you can print an authorization to ride from their website once the paperwork has been completed and use it in lieu of a license. Thankfully that went through yesterday. I arranged a carpool with Tela and Ian Crane for the venture to Vancouver on Wednesday and sat down to double check to make sure I can register for Gastown prior to Wednesday and MISSED REGISTRATION!!!


A quick email to the registration link and admittance of being a bonehead... and luckily everything worked out and a nice Canadian named Kim let me in. :) ($60 CAN for registration.)

Total cost to get to Gastown? $166. And that's just for stinking license and stuff.

On a side note - our car is fixed! And it only cost $250! Yikes. Spending money like its going out of style. Better win some money to pay for living!

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suz said...

Should have asked me, i woulda told you that you can fax it in (IF you let Linda Buffetti know it's coming AND still put the app in snail mail). Glad you got it worked out.

No Gastown for me. I crashed hard at Cascade and am taking myself out of commission for a couple more days... (yes i'm okay, just a bit beat up!) Good luck to you and the other Canada-bound Seattleites, I'll be living vicariously.