Friday, July 18, 2008

One down 5 to go

Just completed the first session of a weekend long biking extravaganza called the Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge. First up - a 3k pursuit. Christie graciously let me borrow her dank aero bars for my effort and they made a HUGE difference. I posted a PR at Alpy putting in a time of 4:14, nine seconds better than last year. One BIG lesson I learned though - and this pertains to the Alpenrose track particularly - make sure you tighten down your helmet prior to doing your effort. Otherwise the bumpy track will knock your helmet down, causing some vision issues but at the same time giving you something else to focus on other than the burn in your legs. At one point I had to take my hands off the bars and flip my helmet up - that is soooo pro! And Heather (aka Coach) was letting me know my split times and since my Rudy Project helmet has ear covers - all I could hear was "Blah blah blah!" and see her briefly jump up and down on the track in her pink outfit as my helmet slipped further and further down my face. Good times!

Luckily that time was good enough to put me into 2nd - right behind Kelekelebobelly. She bested me by 3 seconds - and I noticed her helmet sat securely on her head. LUCKY!

Oh well - next up a 500m. Should be interesting!

More to come...

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Heather said...

2.3- pick it up!!!
2.5- up, up, up!!!

Way to roll it girl! And way to get on the podium today... in the sprints.