Tuesday, July 08, 2008

For the record

Ryan gave me a little grief last night because I failed to mention after our double summit in two days - he then went up to the Fire Wall and climbed several 5.13 pitches with his buddy Kemo. Yep, a regular old bad ass that one is!

My neighbor Charlie started the prep on our house painting job yesterday. Which meant we couldn't stall any longer and had to cruise the neighborhood to figure out exactly what colors we want to paint our house. So far a medium shade of green as the primary, creme as the secondary and eggplant as the accent is our top pick.

And my friend Monique, Mrs. Race Across America as a Type One Diabetic, is in town fulfilling her sponsor duties and just so happened to bring her track bike. We're headed to the oval tonight to work on some exchanges and prepare for Friday's 35 lap Madison. Should be fun!

And did you hear about this rocket scientist? Apparently he didn't get the memo about the Brazilian priest. People are weird.

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