Monday, July 14, 2008

Flower Manager

The weekend was pretty stressful and today actually feels like what a Monday should feel like - manic!

Friday racing was great. My friend Monique was in town and we partnered up to do the men's Madison. Though we came in dead last - we got a point during one of the sprints and did really well! She had a slight mishap while waiting for me though - by hitting her handle bars on the railing and then sliding down the track. Slightly embarrassing but she took it with ease! Looking forward to racing with her again soon! Karen was out watching and was stoked to see so many strong women out there racing - thanks for the renewed perspective Karen!

Afterward Ryan and I headed to Big Time to get some beer and pizza. We split a pitcher between the two of us. Apparently I forgot how badly it hurts the next day when I drink more than one - I was hurtin! Not to mention we woke up super early so Ry could head out to Gold Bar and go bouldering and I met up with my neighbor Jo to do some raspberry picking. We headed out to Carnation to do some berry scavenging (as the berries are still under-ripe) and I got back with 20 minutes to spare before heading out to Josh and Ai's wedding.

On the way there - the Golf started acting really funny. It didn't have any power on the hills and was starting to get really sluggish. I made it to the wedding but had serious doubts that evening. Around 9pm I decided to head out to get home in time to catch up on some sleep - and made it about 2 miles away before the back end was belching black smoke and the check engine light went on. Rather than hang out on Highway 2, I headed back to Wallace Falls. A quick call to Progressive Roadside and by 11:30pm I was sitting in the cab of a flat bed truck on my way back home with Makiah's head resting on my thigh. Luckily while I was waiting for the truck to show up I got to watch some serious hula hooping and dance party. It was a lot of fun!

My bro is in town and left his new black lab on my back porch. I felt awful for it - it was in its crate all day! I decided to let her sleep in my room - but as a puppy she didn't do much sleeping. And of course Makiah was PISSED another dog was in her space - so she decided to bark at every little thing walking by the window. Then I woke up at 5 am the sound of the puppy puking. Lovely. Next thing I know, my phone is ringing at 7:30 am and my four-year-old nephew is on his way over to help me make jam with all of the raspberries we picked the previous day. My bro showed up a little bit later to walk the dog - and being Mr. Project Man - I put him to work and he power washed my back deck as I got Coleman to help me do some much neglected weeding! Nice, eh?!

Around 3 I headed out to the track and did a 4 hour moto session with Pat and Christie and was a zombie by the time I got home. Passed out about 9:30pm and slept until 8. A few more hours of sleep and I should be caught up!

Meanwhile - the car saga continues and I just had both the van and the golf towed in to get fixed. When it rains it pours.

Oh - and the title of this blog? Tim, our helpful office assistant, is out of town this week and I've been doing his flower watering duties. A DHL delivery guy was joking around - saying it must be tough being a "flower Manager" - to which I responded, you have no idea. :)


Jo said...

hi Jen! how did your jam turn out? I used all the berries and made 8 jars of jam. It's delicious!! Thanks for wanting to go berry picking together. I did 3.25 hours on my bike yesterday without Hammer gel or protein drink and got totally slammed. Geez. I ate a Powerbar protein thing and it didn't help at all. I am a true convert fer sure!!!!

Juicey said...

The jam was great! Didn't even have to add pectin. Nice work on the biking! Let me know if you need some Hammer stuff for your bike weekend!