Sunday, June 29, 2008

FIAC 6-Day National Champions

Couldn't sleep in this morning as I was so excited about the week's conclusion. Miranda and I made the history books yesterday by becoming the first women's FIAC 6-Day National Champions. We got received national jerseys (slightly different than USA Cycling's), medals and the Assos rep kicked in a killer 6-Day set. Stoked!

And one thing is for sure - I'm really looking forward to this week's rest week!

Also got to have an excellent pizza dinner with Mark and Miranda in South East Portland at Ken's Artisan Pizza. Super yummy! We each ate our own salad, pizza and had two beers a piece. Yet I still woke up this morning at 5am hungry. My metabolism is kickin'!

Let's see racing highlights.... we had a 20 point a lap race. I was able to contest several laps and barely managed to win. The legs and mind were tired! In the meantime we lapped a lot of the field. The key to those - stay in the front! I gave the final sprint a big effort, which I think tapped into my already depleted reserves. The next race - a progressive points - was DOMINATED by Jen - which is great as she and her team were quite a few laps down on us. And then our last race - a 20 minute Madison was slow and quiet. It felt good to suck some wheels during the race but during the final sprint, I thought I was going to pass out from heat exhaustion. I got that tingle arm feeling and was talking gibberish for a good twenty minutes afterwards. It was hawt!

All in all a fantastic weekend with some great riders and fun racing. We're really looking forward to representing it again at the women's Madi in a few weeks....


cjmancebo said...

OK my new friend...super big congrats on being the first ever winner of a women's 6 Day. That's incredible!

You freakin' rock!

jillita said...

We're not worthy!!!

Way to go Quadzilla!


Juicey said...

Thanks to all! Thanks for believing in me and the encouragement - hopefully there will be more to come!

Heather said...

I'm so proud of you! Great work