Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day three of 6

Last night my legs felt refreshed and ready to go. We had a 25 lap points race to kick off the night and the field shattered fairly quickly. I don't see how the officials keep it all straight - who got lapped, who's on lead lap, who's bridged and eligible for points, etc. But somehow they manage to kick out the results by midnight each night tabulating the previous evenings pedaling in circles. Not to mention the final sprints in a points race are worth double the points!

Miranda and I both collected some great omnium points in the points race - always contesting the sprints and being the front mix at all times. The 20 lap tempo race or point a lap, was brutal. Poor positioning from the neutral lap left us digging to bridge up to the three leaders who were gobbling up the points for about 10 laps. The front straight had a serious head wind so you either dug deep to be in front or played it smart, sitting second wheel and had power left in the legs to contest the constant sprint laps. Miranda and I obtained some points - but by no means were we in contention for the win. It was fun - but I think we were both really looking more forward to the Madison.

Have I mentioned that I have a new love in my life? :)

It was an action packed Madison - and being reduced from 30 minutes down to 15 left little room for error. If you weren't chasing a recent attack, then you might be left in the dust. We had some dead on exchanges - one of which I heard a little whoop! from Miranda. We decided to exchange on the front straight to be eligible for the sprint points (you cannot be in contention for the points if you exchange after the 200m mark on a sprint lap) so each time we dialed it in, and gained as many points as possible. I had one scary moment though when approaching another team doing an exchange on the track and another team who was trailing me just about to exchange. The front team had the right of way and I was going to pass over the top like normal, when the relief from the second team trailing my wheel came down and pinched me in a tight spot. BACK PEDAL BACK PEDAL BACK PEDAL hard! I escaped collision by the hairs of my chinny chin chin. I'd rather not experience that again!

I did manage to kick off a chain ring bolt during a sprint. I came back to the infield after the race and found it, and had Dean help me tighten them. He also informed me my Mavic wheels are LAME in that the hub doesn't line up with the chainring and it's ruining an expensive chain. The wheels are best used on a fixie - and as soon as I get my Cane Creek's I'll retire that wheel set to my Bianchi. POS (the wheels that is!). By having an improperly aligned hub, I'm losing massive wattage and trashing a $60 chain. You learn something new every day!

Miranda and I won underwear from Day two - who knows what's in store for today! More action packed racing later tonight....

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