Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sprinting between rain clouds

Wednesday nights are my nights for speed work. I head down to Golden Gardens and do some intervals. Let me rephrase that, I do a SHIT load of intervals. And last night I hit a max of 1018 watts - not bad for a 5 second effort. Though I'd love to be in the 1500 range....

We've had a WET week here in Seattle. So being able to do sprints outside without wet streets was a nice little bonus. Back and forth I cruised along the boulevard - strange to most. Though I'm sure the residents in the area are used to spandex clad riders cruising up and down their road. I probably did 20 laps last night alone!

At the end of my hammerfest I ran into the Wines ladies who were doing some "sprints" - or more like 40 second efforts. I mustered one and was done. It sure made those 15 second sprints seem like a joke! I got to share with them my bull dog approach toward sprinting - hopefully that doesn't come back to bite me!

Today's Ryan's Birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN! My 31 year old hot stud muffin. He won his mountain bike race yesterday and will quickly be knocking on the experts door. Tonight we're headed to Tavoata for dinner and then to Circus Contraption. Should be an entertaining night!

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Beth said...

hey jen, are you heading down to our AVC in san jose at hellyer again this year? hope so! i think it'll be a great race! take care--