Thursday, June 19, 2008

Canal Place Drama

Days, weeks, months fly by at Canal Place and nothing happens. It gets boring at times - watching the paint peel off the walls and finding things to busy your time with (thank you Al Gore for funding the Internet!). But when things go awry they happen in threes.

1. The elevator in the 130 building stopped working. People get all bent out of shape when our 25 year old elevators break down. I understand this perspective from the people that need to use it - but will it kill you if you took the stairs for once? It's only three stories. (Sorry to the disabled and UPS man - it'll be fixed soon.) (Hand off to someone else.)

2. The light bulbs are burnt out in a tenants office. Unfortunately this is something we have to call the electrician to do - because more than likely it's the entire unit. (Hand off to someone else.)

3. Dead bird. According to one tenant who deals with "earthy" clients, this bird is disturbing and might ruin their session. The crow is absolutely smashed into the pavement with guts and gizz all over the ground. Unfortunately there's no one to pass this one off to - we just picked it up and dumped it in the trash. Glamorous, I know. :)

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