Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Last Day...

It's going to be a scorcher today. Temps are predicted to be in the upper 90's and we're racing in the dead heat of the day - 3pm. Someone mentioned they might bring a kiddie pool - I hope they don't forget! A cool dip in some water will be just what the doctor ordered!

We had another successful night last night. I tied with Jen for points - but we were able to take the omnium again for the win. First up - a 20 lap points race. The last set of points are worth double down here - so if you don't place in the first couple of sprints, you can certainly make up lost ground in the final. Jen had an excellent sprint for the final lap and obtained maximum points. I love competitive racing!

Next on the agenda - a miss and out. I got to the front and led it each lap, only accelerating as much as necessary to ensure I was in the final three. Once we whittled down the field, we had three laps to go to determine the winner. Jen lead it out - and as we were on the back straight coming into the final lap in corner three and four, she stood up, giving it more gas and some how I was able to muster up enough energy to come around her at the end for the win. It felt great but I felt like collapsing afterward too.

Last race - the Madison - this time 20 minutes. The first sprint things stayed together, but once the second sprint happened, the pack shattered a little bit. Next thing I know, I'm chasing down Jeanie for the sprint lap and we end up having a serious gap. Then we just maintained tempo - grinding it out, dialing in our exchanges, collecting maximum points in the sprint laps and next thing we knew we had lapped the majority of the field, putting us up three laps on the nearest competitor. A very warm and successful night - and killer training.

Afterward we decided to go for a quick spin on our road bikes and I almost bucked myself off the bike on the first pedal stroke. What's this free wheel shit? Oh - you have to pedal to go forward! Nonetheless it felt strange to get on my road bike after being on my Tiemeyer all week.

So - one more day of racing and then I get to enjoy a well deserved rest week. YAY!


cjmancebo said...

Jen, are just having a stellar week coming off the AVC with little recovery. Bra-VO!

Beth said...

you better have a good quad-flexing podium shot.