Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fatigue, Points and Miranda the Madison Rock Star

Fatigue settled into the legs today. The first race, a 9 lap scratch felt like I was pedaling with brick columns for legs. Andrea had an excellent move on the field, taking a high flier on the group with 2 to go and holding off a charging field for the win. I was boxed in for about a 1/2 of lap - wiggled my way out and then charged toward the finish with some not-so-zippy track legs for 2nd. Miranda did well too - coming in 4th. Go Veloforma!

I started to worry though - especially since my legs felt sluggish and exhausted since I didn't spin down last night and didn't eat enough food at the right time today. Lesson learned though - I made sure to spin, eat and hydrate tonight.

The points race was super short - 15 laps, with sprints every 5. I think I was able to hold off the rest of the field for first - and Miranda, the wonder woman, has found her track legs today!

Because they combined the regular Thursday night racing program with the 6 Day, all of our races were short and condensed. This made for some HARD racing. Better suited to the sprinters in the bunch, that's for sure. Our final Madison was only 10 minutes due to lack of sunshine (they don't have lights at the AVC) and Miranda gunned it from the start. We made the other teams work and were in the front the entire race, with the exception of maybe two or three laps. At the first sprint lap and with 1 1/2 to go, I gunned it and sailed through to collect max points and then set up Miranda for the final sprint and she ROCKED the house!!!

It was funny - as I was laying on the massage table getting the nightly rub down by the miracle worker Molly (who is the best masseuse in the world and if you are ever lucky enough to be at a bike race in Oregon, it would be ridiculous for you to pass it up!), I over heard some woman say something about "those Veloforma girls..." A smile spread across my face and a deep satisfaction settled into my soul.

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STOKED I AM said...

Ain't it funny what you hear in your relative anonymity on Molly's massage table? :) You and MM have some awesome power between you!