Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday was the funnest Wednesday I've had in a really long time.

Highlights -

1. My Tiemeyer frame came in the mail! It's GORGEOUS! They call the color Black Cherry but in the natural sunlight it's a beautiful shade of dark purple. It's HOT. Now I just have to piece it together....

2. Did my first Wednesday World Championship down at SeaTac. Ryan did a couple races last spring while I watched from the sidelines due to my hamstring injury. Well not this year! We piled man, dog, bikes and spandex into Maggie (our 1990 VW camper) and headed south on 99. As soon as we pulled up, Makiah bolted out of the car to greet the other pooches and got peed on right on the noggin. GROSS! I thought it was funny - Ryan must have had pre-race jitters because he said if that dog would come close to him he'd pee on it.

We did get there a little too early - and when we registered the guy called Ryan out and said NO SANDBAGGING. Who? Me? Mr. I kick ass climbing 5.13's and have a VO2 max that rivals Taylor-Phinney? Nah, this is my first race of the year and I couldn't even finish one last year because my back would freeze up. (I can attest to that - I witnessed him and Orion pull over and quit complaining of old man injuries.)

The race started - it was a mad dash to the front and Ryan started 3 from the back. I had great positioning - and I'll have to admit I thought I was going to win against Mr. T. A lap later I hear this, on your left Jen. Damn! He passed 20 people in a matter of minutes. So we did a lap together and when push came to shove, he passed me and left me in the dust. Turns out he passed everyone else too and crossed the line first. Immediately the promoter called him out on it - no more beginner class for the natural! I rolled in a few minutes behind - on the tails of another woman. 5th overall, 3rd for the ladies.

Meanwhile Makiah, ms I have dog pee on my head, cheered from the van. It was a good day for Team Triplett.

Then to top the night off - we stopped at Freddies on our way home to get some food for the week. This sweet ass chopper was parked just inside the entrance. I thought it was a display or something so I rode it around the produce stands. Just as I was putting it back on its center stand and noticing there wasn't a price tag on it or anything, a small guy walks up and says, "you're welcome to take it for a spin if you like." I laughed, saying I already did a drive by - and thanks!

Oh - and to put the cherry on top - we watched Juno, a super funny movie. And yes, makiah had her head cleaned.

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jimmy said...

thundercats are goooooooooo!

that part was too funny. . .