Thursday, May 01, 2008

Newbie Bike Love

I went and watched the Thursday night track training session tonight on a whim that some ladies might show up for the Ladies Only Track Class from 7:30 - 9. It was nice and dry out - a perfect night for some early season punishment. I shivered my ass off on my bike on the way over 520 and saw my odometer click over 1,200 miles... in two years. The poor steed hasn't even been broken in yet.

But alas, no ladies showed so I got to observed Bilko lead the newbies through some drills. Watching them reminded me how fun this sport is and how rewarding it can be. It was an absolute pleasure seeing them laugh with glee from a full out effort and exercise outdoors.

It was so inspiring - I might actually dust my track bike off tonight in hopes of racing tomorrow. Nah, that can wait. :)

With a 40% chance of rain tomorrow - your guess is as good as mine...

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