Thursday, May 15, 2008

Whoa, no posts since Monday? What's wrong with me?

Here it is Thursday - nearly the end of the work week and it nearly passed me by without a mention....

My mom is gone in Africa - leaving me to man the fort for several weeks. And it has certainly left me busy - well, not really. But I started a new paint job for a new tenants space so my normal blogging hours have been drastically reduced. And when I get home, I have to hop on my bike and get my mileage in. This week has been a build week - with nearly 10 hours so far in the saddle, sans the weekend racing. Revisiting those long four hour endurance rides has been challenging. How did I manage to do them during the winter?

So what's new?

I've been working on my track legs. They had race shock initially that did them good - and now it feels like I'm pulling bricks around when I'm on the bike. I'm headed to Minnesota with Christine in a few weeks and better start turning things around! I'm not that worried though... give me a rest week and I'll be golden.

My grandmother turned 94 today - Happy Birthday Gam! I guess you could say I have good genes.

Ryan raced down at SeaTac again last night and held his own against the experts. He said he could keep up with them on the grinding - but when it comes to taking the right line down a technical section, those guys have the upper hand. It's really beautiful watching those guys ride. And I'm sure Ryan will be there in no time. The bonus of the night? Makiah didn't get peed on.

Headed to Wenatchee for an omnium stage race this weekend. Temps are going to be in the 90s! Yowsa that's hot! And it looks like Hood has been brutal already - with a Mt. Tabor crit ass kicking. Way to go ladies!

WE GOT OUR CAR BACK! Finally! After a month of it being in the shop. Remember the drama? Well when they replaced the timing belt, something happened breaking a head gasket and back in the shop it went for the past 10 days. Ryan and I picked it up last night. Do I dare drive it to Wenatchee?

It's a busy day out in the canal - with boats parading by my window, tooting their horns for the Fremont bridge and taking advantage of today's sun. Everyone is smiling - welcoming in summer with both arms.

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Brian said...

"Everyone is smiling - welcoming in summer with both arms."
Until Sunday evening when it rains on us again. yay!

See you in Wenatchee-

B Snizzle