Tuesday, May 06, 2008

May Days Haze?

Pedaled in circles around a circular track today. It felt good to reacquaint myself with my track bike. I took a quick peak in the pain cave and then backed right out of it. Oh track, my other love.

I'm debating jumping in with both feet into MayDays at Burnaby. A last minute decision - but I think I'm game to jump start the track legs....

Here's what their schedule sounds like (BRUTAL!)
Friday: Chariot, 40 lap points, 40 lap scratch, 60 lap madison
Saturday: 80 lap madison, 25 lap scratch, 1k TT, Keirin, Miss N Out, 60 lap points, 50 lap tempo
Sunday: Miss N Out, 40 lap points, 30 lap scratch

Friday and Saturday would be raced with the men's B field and Sunday would be ladies only. Hmmmm.... sounds heart pounding and lung bursting. Maybe a 4 hour enduro doesn't sound that bad after all.

What to do, what to do...

1 comment:

future jen said...

this is you from the future. Just want to let you know that you should not worry about the brutal burnaby schedule. You end up going afterall and win a scratch race. Also, someone poisons the coffee tomorrow at 8am. DO NOT drink the coffee. More instructions will follow.

Future Jen