Monday, May 12, 2008


Based on my calculations, I burnt 3800 calories during a 70 mile 4.5 hour ride from Arlington to Newhalem. I got chased by one Kujo, saw 45 black banana slugs and splattered myself from head to toe with road mud causing my drive train to sing at me for the second half of the ride. The last 10 miles were a killer - where fatigue starts settling in and the poweraid started to make me nautious. I swear I saw big foot while I was on Highway 20.

For the next two days I ate like a horse - filing up and then about an hour later, feeling hungry again. I ate everything in site -luckily it was all healthy food. Talk about a tape worm!

And today? Another 4 hour burner with some hills thrown in the mix. I ordered up one big can of kick-my-ass-training. But it should pay off in the long run.

Oh and my pseudo hangover wore off - nutrition and water are always the cure.

Hope you fulfilled your weekend warrior status with gusto.

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