Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bike love

I just finished my last leisure ride of my rest week - and it was refreshing! The skies looked like they could open up at any time today - but I managed to avoid any precipitation. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed - and ready to tackle another block of training. Tomorrow night's racing should be an awakening back into the pain cave and I'm honestly really looking forward to it. :)

I had one of those bike love rides today - where spinning the pedals took little effort and I could go slow enough to stop and smell the roses. Seattle is absolutely gorgeous in the spring. The flowers are super fragrant and the colors are bright and cheery.

Cam and Roanne are both in town for Ski to Sea this weekend - so I met up with Cam at the Husky to do a short tool out to M.I. He continued on to climb the Zoo hill and I retraced my steps, thinking how lucky I am to be able to ride my bike. We have a mixed team last year, as opposed to last where I was the only female. A bunch of couples and Andrew. The guys talked about getting a racing canoe this year - but logistically weren't able to pull it off. Good thing though - I think our Old Towne canoe will give them some extra stability in the swollen and swift waters. Let's just hope it's dry this weekend!

We're headed up to Bellingham Saturday and I was going to do a nice long ride if anyone's interested.....

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