Thursday, October 27, 2005

screaming match

Last night Ryan, Andrew, Aaron and I went to the Weazer/Foo Fighters concert at the Key. We missed the opening band - but walked in just as Weazer starting playing. They rocked the house! They have such a clean, crisp rock sound that jams and gets your blood pumping. To follow it up Foo Fighters came on screaming on the top of their lungs. Their main singer has some insane vocal chords - belting out inaudible primal noises that left my ears ringing for hours. It's good listening to that type of music that loud - it rattles your cage and makes you feel alive and not a dormant hermit. It's way to easy to get wrapped up in the same routine day after day -only to wake up one morning and go - where the hell did the last year go? Seeing a rock band on stage wakes you up - and keeps in check whether or not you are following your personal journey. I'm putting Weazer and FF on my ipod tonight for future rides - they amp you up yet some of their songs keep you grounded.

The weather is changing again. It's definitely becoming late fall. The air has a cold snap to it - one that makes my joints ache if not covered up and exposed. Last winter's achilles injury came haunting back to me in memory.... I definitely want to avoid that again.

I just found out that we're going to a Halloween party down in Tacoma. Should be a blast. I love dressing up. I'm going to be a naughty nurse. :)

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