Sunday, October 09, 2005

birthdays, climbing and broken bones

Coleman's 2nd birthday was a blast - there's nothing like a healthy dose of birth control to do a body good! Kids are cute and all - but we're just not ready yet for the mayhem.

On our way home we stopped in Portland off highway 84 to do some cragging. It was interesting rock - a basalt that was somewhat soapy at the bottom and then increased in texture the higher you climbed. Ryan of course was a hot stud and lead some excellent climbs - and yours truely seconded them. It was fun and a great way to take advantage of today's nice weather.

On Friday however, during a sprint practice down at Golden Gardens, I watched Tim overlap Ryan's rear wheel and go down, HARD. Turns out the poor guy had a concusion and broke his left collarbone. It was agonizing. We were working on some advanced moves, where I was to be right on Ryan's wheel and then Tim was supposed to work his way between us. Well when Ryan took off I immediately gapped off, Tim took advantage of the hole, Ryan looked back to see where I was and slowed just slightly so that Tim's wheel overlapped. Down he went. I was off to the right far enough so when he hit pavement I didn't get caught up in the spill. I slammed on the breaks immediately, causing my rear wheel to skid and then turned around. Tim didn't get up that quickly and some poor bystander helped block traffic so we could get out of the way. It spooked me out. I had a weird fear of falling today because of it. Strange. Traumatic.

Oh and for all you random readers, if there are any out there - I'm talking about two different Ryan's. Ryan my husband, the hot stud and Ryan Miller my coach.

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