Tuesday, October 04, 2005

back to the gym

yesterday was my first day back at the gym - and I did the same routine that I did last year. I thought to myself, bare with it, this is for a good cause. But then I got my weight training schedule and it's new! it's exciting and most importantly it's different!!! so putting time in the gym won't be so bad anymore. I actually did my first circuit training this morning and feel a little pooped from it... I'm looking forward to the benefits already.

on a fender note - I'm trying to commando them myself and have already put in about 4 hours of retro fit of my old fenders. all i need is this one piece to fit and then i'll be good to go. but the hard part is it is nearly impossible to rebend to the proper shape. i'm tempted to take it in to the shop....

tomorrow's a cross training day - hopefully i'll be able to hold onto the wall at jonah's house. i did upper body today and know with that type of effort, i'm bound to be sore tomorrow.

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