Monday, October 17, 2005

power testing

Tonight we did two tests at Computrainer. The first was a 5 mile time trial... hard out from the gates to give us a gage to see improvement over the training period. My average wattage was 230 with a time of 13:38. That set the bar and will give me a measurement from where I can gage my progress from this point on. It hurt. I had several peaks and valleys of power - every spike was followed by a valley of weakness. It is definitely an art to learn - I look forward to figuring out a solid conistency and doing much better.

The second test was on a Floscan to measure peak wattage and how long you can maintain that higher level of wattage. I peaked at 830, 171 max rpm, 143 avg rpm. I forget the other numbers but Ryan's holding onto them for future reference. Halfway through the first testing I had a stomach cramp creep up on me and I requested to be tested again. The second go around was much better.

It was an interesting test - although I am so friggin competitive that I feel like I could have and should have done better. I look forward to doing it again and seeing some progress.

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