Thursday, October 20, 2005

fly by week

this week passed quickly. Rowing started up on Monday and has been a blast. My sister and I are taking it together so we can spend some time before she heads off to Australia for a year. The instructor is hilarious - and it'll be comical to see what happens tomorrow when we try to put a boat in the water. Fun times!

Yesterday I went for a nice casual ride down to Seward and home. I got to wear my new Ibex knickers and they were fantastic, if not a little on the warm side. I smiled the whole time. I've been going through some old family photos from the nineties to put them in albums - and noticed how my weight will fluctuate significantly if I don't maintain exercise. Simply put - I LOVE to eat and if I'm not burning the calories then the pounds surmount. Then I thought about how cycling has put even more joy into my life - not only from a physical aspect but being outdoors, doing something that is in harmony with the environment and having fun while doing it. I will definitely be a lifelong cyclist.

Oh yeah - on a side note - it's been over a week since I vowed off the sweets and it's going great! I'm feeling good and not feeling guilty whatsoever! This is working well. Now if I can just push the drive for cycling into the seat next to my no sweet diet, I'll be rocking the house!

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