Thursday, June 30, 2005

Wed Night Recap

I learned some valuable lessons again last night.... cotton mouth. Drink more water and hydrate throughout the day to avoid cotton mouth. If I end up getting it them stick a piece of hard candy in my mouth. Sprinting -maintain a straight line. I was warned tonight about my somewhat erratic finish - I was close to being disqualified. Apparently it was enough of a wavering to get the officials attention but not enough to disqualify me. Lesson learned - maintain a straight line. Also - once I go around someone in the sprinters lane - get into the sprinters lane so they have to go around me and cover more track to pass the finish line.

I did learn from last Friday though - staying near the back of the pack and getting to know the key players in the field. This helped me pull a stellar move with 1.2 laps to go - everyone else was lined into two pacelines - boxing in several of the stronger riders. I made a move from the back of the pack and no one saw it coming. Next thing I knew I was crossing the finish line with 10 bike lengths between me and second place. Nice execution.

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