Sunday, June 12, 2005

ballard crit review

Wickly fun 4 corner course with some potentially disasterous obstacles (man hole cover on turn 3, slick steep bumpy section on corner 1, brick that's as slick as snot at the finish/start line). I was hanging with the combined field, had just pulled a move to advance to the front of the pack and then on the back hand side, right before corner 3, I watched a woman attempt to make an advance on two women that wasn't really there and then go down. Unfortunately I was right behind her and went down too. I landed right on my butt - hard. My elbow got scrapped up and my pedal nearly impalled my left shin. I was able to walk away - although, my bike handle bars were cracked. Damn carbon fiber. Molly suggested I send them back to Easton and see if they do anything for me.

So the woman who went down is also the woman who won. But she was DQ'd because in the field sprint she blocked both Amara and Annette. I was glad to see kharma bit her in the ass.

Falling - it's part of racing. I'm just lucky and glad that I'm not seriously injured.

Oh yeah - and for the record, Ryan had practically the same crash on the same corner, with matching scrapped elbows and hinnie. Lame!

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