Saturday, June 25, 2005

Friday night debut

Last night was great. I learned a lot and managed to keep the pace high and exciting. My breasts made the front cover of the flier - it's hilarious! The first race was a 10 lap scratch - I got stuck up high and missed the attack. I still managed to bring in 4th. Then we did a 10 lap snowball where Taylor and I had a nice break away and captured the points in the beginning only to be caught by Emily and Christine in the last few laps. Talk about a thigh burner! Then we did a 4x4 and I collected some money from premes but was spent for the points. I knew that lesson - but I thought maybe I'd still have some kick for the end. Apparently the snowball had more of an effect than I thought.... overall a good showing though. I think I placed 4th. Not bad for my first night! Tactically I could have been a lot smarter... but that will come with experience. Also I need bigger gearing.... I was spinning out pretty easily. Fun times!

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