Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Monday night audieu

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to Roz's 3rd grade class as a guest speaker. I kitted up and rode across the bridge into one of the richest parts of Bellevue. The kids were great - they asked me tons of questions and hopefully I left a good impression on them. I have pictures coming soon....

Then last night I went to the track with Kelly and practiced my sprint a little. There was yet another crash at the race - a broken collarbone. Ugh. I was officially kicked out of Monday nights and onto Wednesdays and Fridays. I'm looking foward to it! Phil was there again and I chatted with him for awhile. Kelly did awesome - she's building on her fitness and is super stoked about the track. I watched a big black man give it all his heart in the sprint race and it was amazing. It looked like he was going to rip that bike apart he had so much power forced into it. Not graceful at all - but with that much heart it was a beautiful thing. I love this sport.

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