Wednesday, June 01, 2005

First day back

It took me a few revolutions to get back in the mode - I thought to myself - aie crumba. Racing starts back up this weekend. But half way around the south end - with the threat of an oncoming thundershower approaching - I found my legs again and picked up the tempo. Once around Boeing the showers let up and then I ran into a friend - Paul - who is an avid recreational cyclist. Then I took him through the arb - letting him cruise first to run out his legs and then zoomed by him and sprinted to the bridge. The legs are back and feeling strong!

On the drama tip - Ryan and I ran into Joyce on our way to the climbing gym to which she said, "We need to talk." Dude - I feel like I'm grounded or something! Apparently my comments regarding Upgrading ruffled some feathers. This is what I said in an email....
Upgrading - I've been talking with my husband about this a lot lately. On one hand I would like to win the BARR - which I have a great contention for this year. But on the other hand - that means remaining a Cat 4 until August. Not saying that would be a bad thing. On the other hand - I would like to continually improve and feel I will by leaps and bounds by upgrading and getting my arse kicked. I'm also thinking about the future - for elite level cycling. If I were to show my resume to a national team - what would be more weighted - a BARR winner or upgrading to Cat 3 in my first season? Dilema, dilema. Any input would be wonderful.

Oh well - you can't make everyone happy all the time.

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