Thursday, June 02, 2005

if you didn't want to win....

then why did you chase me down after the meet the team ride? Excuse me, but isn't a goal of racing to win? I'll never forget the Mason Lake race that you came up to me and said something and I said, "we're here to win, right?" Well apparently this is not the case.

I am a type A personality. I set goals for myself and then go after them with a vengence. If I don't succeed the first time, then I try and try again until I get it. Racing fills that need to succeed. Hosting team meetings, contributing to the website, volunteering to be the voice at meetings - thanking the team after events via email and encouraging them to strive for excellence... apparently that is not enough team contribution. I can't help it if my teammates are not at a level playing field. That they don't have the same drive and desires as I do. I certainly don't expect them to.

"So, when I read your thoughts about upgrading, and I put on my team
manager hat, I have some thoughts. First of all, I really don't see
anything in your note below that talks about supporting your teammates
or team work. Your goal below is about upgrading so with an eye toward
getting on a national team and this is an individual goal. I've thought
about this a lot and I'm not sure that the team is not in a position to
support this, for a number of reasons, most of which I outlined back in
December and have continued to talk about during the season. I'd love
to sit and talk with you about how can we either find a way to support
our mutual goals or think about how we transition you to another team
that can support you in this endeavor. I'd prefer to just have this be
a conversation between you and I, vs. including others so that we can
both speak freely. I'm really hoping that we can get to a place that
works for us both. I seriously applaud your enthusiasm and your dream,
but need to think about the goals & objectives of the team (which have
never been about results) and I also need to make sure that I can keep
the promises I've made to the other 9 women on the team by continued
focus on supporting them in their development - that's my job :)"

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