Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wednesday Workout

Wednesdays rule. And today is no exception.

Not only did I wake up to picture perfect blue skies (for the 250th day this year), had an awesome talk with my friend Laura, but I also got to do 6! Manitou/Manayunk hill repeats.

Why? Well Liberty Classic is in the beginning of June and has a WALL of a climb on the course that we'll be doing multiple laps on. Thankfully we have a hill that's about the same pitch and nearly the same length. Benjamin has me doing full out efforts on it in preparation. And yes, I curse their difficulty but celebrate their result. And I will be oh so thankful for them come June 3.

 (This is looking back down at the climb. At the bottom is a hair pin turn where I start my effort full gas to the top of the hill. It hurts.)

I'll also be thankful for not doing them at altitude on that day. The air is that much thinner up there! But oh my, what an amazing day. And after my sixth set, I was able to stop and soak in the view. Pikes Peak is one beautiful mountain. And that Coco Cola tasted good as a reward.

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